Please take the time to read and understand these Terms and Conditions set out below prior to booking a trip with Travel2unravel Vacations. Travel2unravel Vacations is strongly recommended that customers carefully read all information relating to their trip on the Travel2unravel Vacations website and Application. Customers will be deemed to have accepted this Terms and Conditions after making full and/or half payment to Travel2unravel Vacations or its agent for the trip/package. Travel2unravel Vacations reserves the right to change, delete or add new terms. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and accept these Terms each time he/she makes a travel reservation. Customer’s continued use of Travel2unravel Vacations services after changes, deletions, or additions have been made to these Terms shall constitute customer’s acceptance thereof. In case of any disputes, Travel2unravel Vacations reserves the right to make the final decision.

1. Travel2unravel Vacations do their best to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the website and/or Application, but errors may occur. Please confirm pricing and details with us prior to making a booking.

2. Given rates are inclusive of all taxes. In case of any change in tax structure based on government norms which is applicable at the time of check-in or during the tour, shall be charged directly.

3. Once customers booking is fully/partial paid the package price will not change unless: 1) you request Changes or Customizations to your booking; 2) new or increased government taxes or fees are implemented that apply to your package or its components. In either case, Travel2unravel Vacations will inform you how your package price will be affected on basis of enquiry by the customer.

4. Room occupancy will strictly be in accordance with the one, confirmed at the time of booking.

5. In case of Triple sharing room, rolling mattress will be provided for the third person. Occupancy regulations for Family rooms and other Club rooms will be in accordance with Hotel’s policy only.

6. When you purchase flights from Travel2unravel Vacations (as part of a package), we act only as a sales agent for the applicable airline, and flights and fares are subject to the rules and policies of the airline. Any amendment in issued flight tickets, like – Change in Dates, Names, timing, airline, or any other information will attract amendment charges as per Airline’s amendment Policies.

7. Given hotels and rooms are on confirmed state but in case of any unexpected situation/local government notification or any technical fault which leads to the cancellation/overbooking of any booked Hotel, Travel2unravel Vacations reserves rights to change the hotel and provide any other hotel of similar standard.

8. Flight ticket cancellation / Refund is strictly in accordance with Airline’s cancellation/Refund policies.

9. Travel2unravel Vacations Shall not be responsible for any Loss of Baggage / Loss of Belongings / Broken Baggage at the Airport or anywhere else.

10. Flight timings are to be kept into consideration while reaching the airport. Travel2unravel Vacations shall not be responsible for any incidence where the customer is not able to reach the airport / Board the flight due to any reason of personal nature, Insufficient time duration in connecting flights or any other reason related to airline’s governance like – Delay in Flight, Change in timing / Overbooking by Airline or any other factor. The vehicle provided during the tour will follow the tour plan specified in the itinerary. The driver in any way will not be deviated from the specified / common route.

11. The vehicle provided during the tour will not be on a disposable basis. Any travel, after the activity decided on the tour will not be permitted. Late evening / late-night drive apart from the designed plan will be prohibited.

12. There are some monuments/areas, restricted for Vehicle entrance by the local authorities. In any such case, the vehicle will drop you till the nearest possible point and further arrangements will have to be managed by you/customer only.

13. The vehicle will not be allocated on the leisure day (day free for relaxation).

14. Air Condition in Vehicles will not be operational on hilly areas (due to mechanical reasons). The driver reserves the right to switch off / operate AC as per the terrain’s, climatic and vehicle’s conditions.

15. Any entrance fees, monument fees or any other activity charges, including but not limited to charges in relation to parking, transportation, tolls, taxes, camping, admission, meals etc., will not be included in the package until and unless so specified specially in the inclusion section.

16. In case of any natural calamity or any other force majeure incident, Travel2unravel Vacations reserves the rights to modify/change or cancel the partial or complete tour Package. Travel2unravel Vacations shall not be held responsible for refund/Compensation in any such circumstances due to such unforeseen event and/or irresistible force, Act of God, etc.

17. Package price is a consolidation of different components inseparable in nature in terms of costing. Any unused service (s) or difference in cost due to any reason will not be refunded back and shall be chargeable to you/customer. The customer shall not have the right to claim such amount.

18. In the event of any natural disaster, unforeseen circumstances, or other force majeure event, Travel2unravel Vacations reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel part or all of the tour package. Travel2unravel Vacations shall not be held liable for any refund or compensation under such circumstances, as these are considered beyond the control of Travel2unravel Vacations. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of God, irresistible forces, and unforeseen events.

Additionally, Travel2unravel Vacations reserves the right to modify or cancel the tour package, in part or in whole, at any time before the start of the tour or a specific part of the tour. This right applies for various reasons, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of god (whether foreseen or unforeseen), and unexpected circumstances. In all such cases, a refund will be processed according to Travel2unravel Vacations’ Cancellation Policy, which is applicable at the specific point in time when the modification or cancellation occurs.

19. Refund on cancellation (Cancellation in accordance with Cancellation Policies) is strictly dependent on Cancellation policies and the refund process will take a minimum of 14 working days.

20. In case of any on-ground issues with any third party, Travel2unravel Vacations shall try to support in all possible ways but shall not be held liable for the act and hence will not be liable for any sort of compensation. Travel2unravel Vacations’ liability in relation to the Package shall at all times be limited to those circumstances where an express liability has been cast on it under these Terms.

21. In case of non-payment of the package cost or any unpaid component of the Package, the voucher shall stand null and void.

22. This voucher consists of services which were agreed by mutual consent (Offer and acceptance), at the time of communication for quotation. Holding the Voucher, the customer is expected to be in acceptance of the Travel2unravel Vacations Services and is expected to have clarified all tour -related queries beforehand. Any deviation in personal expectations level will not bind Travel2unravel Vacations for any sort of modification during the tour.

23. Travel2unravel Vacations’ entire liability to the Client for any claim arising out of this Package / browsing the website/ application shall be limited to the amount equivalent to the price paid by the customer for the Package giving rise to such claim minus all applicable taxes and third-party charges.

24. Travel2unravel Vacations shall not be liable to pay for any loss suffered by the Client if it is found that the Client had been in violation of any express or implied directions given by or on behalf of Travel2unravel Vacations, applicable law, rule, and / or regulations.

25. No offer, promo code, or discount shall be applicable to this Package unless so expressly notified by Travel2unravel Vacations on its website, and this Package cannot be clubbed with any scheme, offer, and package of Travel2unravel Vacations or its associates. Travel2unravel Vacations shall not be liable for any promotions, coupons, or prior payment communications/intimations received from any third-party payment platforms or individuals not affiliated with Travel2unravel Vacations. Any payments made based on such promotions or communications will not be reimbursed by Travel2unravel Vacations due to the potential for misunderstanding or fraudulent activity.

26. All grievances shall first be raised with Customer relationship team within 10 days of the occurrence of such event. In case no resolution to such grievance is provided by the Customer relationship team within 30 days, the Client shall have the right to escalate the dispute in the accordance with these terms and Travel2unravel Vacations’ applicable policies.

27. Customer shall be liable to reimburse Travel2unravel Vacations for any and all losses suffered and / or charges incurred as a result of the Client’s actions, direct or indirect, in relation to the Client.

28. This Package and all of your rights and obligations in relation to the same are non-transferable and cannot be assigned without the prior permission of Travel2unravel Vacations.

29. By traveling with the Travel2Unravel Vacations you acknowledge that you have considered any potential risks to health and safety. You hereby assume responsibility for all such risk and release Travel2Unravel Vacations from all claims and causes of action arising from any losses, damages or injuries or death resulting from risks inherent in travel, including adventure travel specifically, visiting foreign destinations, and participating in adventurous activities such as those included in Tour itineraries or otherwise offered.